History II1st Sem, 5 Year Integrated Course

S.No Date Topics
119/7/2016General Introduction and Ice Breaking Activities
220/7/2016Examination pattern and Overview of the Syllabus
321/7/2016Archaeology as an imp. Source to construct history
422/7/2016Literary sources that throw Light on Ancient India
729/7/2016Summarize the Sources for constructing history of Ancient India
830/7/2016Sat. Activity--Documentary on earliest habitations in India
102/8/2016Geographical Factors of Lithic Culture
113/8/2016Rock Art
139/8/2016Introduction to the CHALCOLITHIC CULTURES
1410/8/2016Origin & Extent of HARAPPAN Culture
1511/8/2016Characteristics of Harappan Culture
1612/8/2016ART of Harappans
1716/8/2016Social life of Harappans
1717/8/2016Religious Life of Harappans and its Continuity
1818/8/2016Architecture of Harappan Civilization
1919/8/2016Decline of this Civilization
2023/8/2016Decline of Harappan Civilization
2124/8/2016Introduction of IRON Age Cultures
2326/8/2016Empirical View of VEDIC Age
2430/8/2016Origin of the Aryans
2531/8/2016Vedic Literature
261/9/2016Political Life of Aryans
272/9/2016Political Life of Aryans