Basic Mathematics 013rd Sem, 5 Year Integrated Course

S.No Date Topics
117/7/2017Introduction to the Number System and Laws of Indices
218/7/2017Laws of Indices Continued
319/7/2017Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials
424/7/2017Factor and Remainder Theorem
626/7/2017Factorization Continued
731/8/2017Linear Equations
801/8/2017Linear Equations Continued
902/8/2017Quadratic Equations
108/8/2017Nature of Roots
119/8/2017Arithmetic Progressions
1214/8/2017Arithmetic Progressions Continued
1316/8/2017Introduction to the Geometric Progressions
1421/8/2017Coordinates of a point
1522/8/2017Distance formula
1623/8/2017Area of a Triangle
1723/8/2017Section Formulae
1829/8/2017Section Formulae Continued
1930/8/2017Equation of a circle
2004/9/2017Equation of a circle continued
2105/9/2017Equation of a circle continued
2211/9/2017Equation of a Line
2312/9/2017Equation of line Continued
2413/9/2017Area of a Triangle Continued
2514/9/2017Area and Perimeter
2618/9/2017Area and Perimeter Continued
2719/9/2017Area and Perimeter Continued
2820/9/2017Mid-Term Exam
2925/9/2017Area and Perimeter Continued
3026/9/2017Surface Area and Volume
3127/9/2017Surface Area and Volume Continued
3102/10/2017Area and Perimeter Continued
3103/10/2017Surface Area and Volume Continued
3104/10/2017Surface Area and Volume Continued
3109/10/2017S I and C I
3111/10/2017Speed and Time