Psychology 013rd Sem, 5 Year Integrated Course

S.No Date Topics
117/7/2017Introduction to Psychology: Definition, Nature
224/7/2017Myths about Psychology and Psychologist
328/7/2017Nature and Goals of Psychology
431/7/2017Scope of Psychology
508/8/2017Cont. Scope of Psychology
614/7/2017Cont. Scope of Psychology
714/8/2017Specific Psychology professionals (2nd class)
818/8/2017Pre Scientific Historical Perspectives in Psychology
921/8/2017Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism Perspectives in Psychology
1025/8/2017GPsychoanalysis, Cognitive Perspectives in Psychology
1128/8/2017Humanistic AND Social cultural Perspectives in Psychology
1201/09/2017Bio-psycho-social and Multi cultural Perspectives in Psychology
1315/9/2017Psychological Methods: basic assumptions, need and use
1422/9/2017MID TERM EXAM AND ObservationMethod
1525/9/2017Survey and Case Study Method
1626/9/2017Questionnaire Method
1729/9/2017Experimental and Interview Method
1802/10/2017Neuron: Structure and function
1906/10/2017Action potential, Syneptic transmission
2009/10/2017Nervous System Structure and Function of The Central Nervous System
2113/10/2017Brain: structure and function of major brain areas
2223/10/2017Spinal cord: structure and function
2330/10/2017Peripheral Nervous System, Autonomous Nervous System: Structure and function(IInd class)
2406/11/2017Glandular System: Different glands, Hormones and their effects on behavior
2510/11/2017Sensation, Sensory receptors and sensory threshold
2614/11/2017Nature of Attention, Determinants of Attention, Selectivity of attention, Sustained Attention.
2714/11/2017Definition of Perception and perceptual constancies (size, shape and brightness) (2ND CLASS)
2815/11/2017Principles of Perceptual Organization, Form and Depth perception.
2916/11/2017Thinking Process: Concepts and Categories
3017/11/2017Inductive and Deductive Reasoning.
3120/11/2017Query resolution about course
3224/11/2017Query resolution about course