About SPUP

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security, and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur was established in the year 2012 by the Government of Rajasthan. The University provide an interdisciplinary academic environment for learning and research through programs that include perspectives for Social Sciences, Humanities, Science & Technology and professional studies whereby students and professionals equip themselves with intellectual, professional and moral competencies for combating the emerging challenges to security, justice and public safety in a free, democratic and diverse society.

From VC's Desk

Sardar Patel University of Police Security and Criminal Justice incorporated with the vision serve. Throughout the organization, there is a strong sense of openness. Strong research and attractive study programs attract researchers and students from all around the world. Our Program offers new perspectives and helps solve the major challenges facing the world. The University actively spreads and assists law enforcement agencies with its practice and research. We offer our students knowledge and insights relevant to their professional Goals, opportunities and environment.

Why Recruit Here?

Center of Cyber Security:

There is a special cell named as Center of Cyber Security which distinguishes SPUP from other universities. This cell provides advance Cyber Security mechanisms. This cell provides training and courses to students from different nations. Recently Mongolian BSF Army Officers were trained in advanced skills to get the expertise in the field of Cyber Security.

Cultural Club:

Cultural Club of SPUP is responsible for the student’s entertainment. This club gives an opportunity to the students to come out and show their skills and encourage interested students to take part. Cultural Club conducts the DJ Nights, cultural Program at different festivals and functions. This club has a unique custom of providing books to the students for their achievements as a reward. This provides a platform for the students to hone their interpersonal skills and provide a holistic education.

Cyber Club:

Cyber Club is used to conduct different quiz test regarding Cyber Security. “The Cyber Time” magazine is the key strength of this club through which they spread the awareness about the threats and the technology of the modern world. This club also encourages students to take part in the Hackathons conducted at different levels by other organizations. This club publishes its newsletter on monthly basis which is full of the expert advice and the recent trends of the cybersecurity.

Sports Club:

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security, and Criminal Justice offers a plethora of opportunities to the students to stay fit and to make them strong physically as well as mentally. The various indoor and outdoor games facilitate rejuvenation to the mind, body, and soul. Students have bagged several medals at various levels in different universities and their performances show the growth of the university in the sports field. SPUP also provides the opportunity to join the NCC to the students.


SPUP has almost 15 Experienced Faculty members having degrees from renowned Universities across the world. Most of them have more than 15 years of experience in teaching.Apart from this our faculty member’s focuses on not only the academic education but also on their vocational skills, Practical knowledge, and Personality development. Many of our faculty are being awarded by some legendary awards.

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