Faculty Of Public Safety and National Security

Faculty Of Public Safety and National Security

Department of International Affairs and Security Studies

Master of Arts in International Relations and Conflict Studies
Master of Arts in International Relations and Conflict Studies is an innovative and highly-specialized offering from the Department of International Affairs and Security Studies, SPUP, for the working professionals in police department, civil services, and others having interest in security, like Media and NGOs, as well as for the fresh graduates. It has been designed for the professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of the complexities of the ever-evolving global environment. The program offers an interactive, collaborative learning environment that fosters the development of competencies as well as inculcates sensitivity to real world issues having conflict connotations.

There are no longer clear distinctions between regional conflicts and issues of global security. Most conflicts have an international dimension and global insecurity has both local and international causes. Patterned on the National Defence College’s prestigious ‘National Security and Strategic Studies’ program, the MA in IR & CS aims to help students become effective ‘leaders’ and ‘change agents’ in mitigating conflicts. The program focuses on mechanisms for handling regional conflicts, both between and within states, and developing strategies for cooperation in conflict-ridden environment.
Students will get the opportunity to study a variety of courses using a multidisciplinary approach to provide an understanding of the theories of international relations, the root causes of conflicts, the theory behind the management of conflict, the major global security challenges, and a foundation in the methodology and political processes that attempt to prevent or resolve conflicts.

SPUP believes that faculty-student personal interaction is fundamental to learning at the level of specialization and sophistication. The maximum size of our program is 20 students. 50% seats will be reserved for professionals comprising a mixture of police officers, civil servants, journalists, NGO workers active in conflict situations with five years of experience. Remaining 50% seats will be available for fresh graduates. However, if suitable candidates are not found in one stream, they will be filled from candidates of other stream.

The minimum qualification for admission into the program is graduation from any recognized University by UGC in any discipline with 50% marks for SC/ST and 55% for general and OBC category students. Students having strong aptitude in international relations will be preferred. Proficiency in English language is essential.

Admission Process:
For Professionals:
To be considered for the first batch beginning in August 2015, professionals are required to submit complete application form (including the personal details, statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation, one from the employer and one from an academician) before 30 April, 2015. It needs to be noted that professionals will be screened as per their prior academic achievements and their stated reasons for wishing to take the program. They will be asked to send an approx. 500-word statement outlining:-
a) Why they wish to join this program, and
b) What in their record makes them suitable for this program.
Each complete application will be evaluated and the applicants will be notified of their status once the admissions committee takes the final decision on 15 May 2015.

For Fresh graduates:
Admission process is competitive and is composed of two stages.
(i) First Stage: First, the applicants will be asked to submit the complete application including a 500-word statement outlining:- a) why they wish to join this program, and
b) what in their record makes them suitable for this program.
(ii) Second Stage: Those candidates who clear the first stage are required to appear in an entrance examination to be conducted in the month of May 2015. Date will be announced on the website. The exam will be subjective in nature which will assess the ability of the candidate to meet the demands of the program.

Guest Speakers:
The MA program features lectures, seminars and presentations by distinguished Visiting Professors/Guest Speakers with relevant experience and expertise, be it police officials, security experts, academicians or diplomats. The intention is to facilitate the exploration of key issues in international politics, conflict and security, in an interactive environment.
The following are likely to teach the program:
1. Prof. S D Muni, Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA), New Delhi, and former Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
2. Dr. C. Raja Mohan, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (ORF), New Delhi, and former Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
3. Sh. Samir Saran, Senior Fellow and Vice President, ORF, New Delhi
4. Sh. Ajit Lal, IPS (Retd.), Former Chairman, Joint Intelligence Committee, Govt. of India, New Delhi
5. Sh. R. N. Ravi, Chairman, Joint Intelligence Committee, Govt. of India, New Delhi
6. Sh. Wilson John, Senior Fellow, ORF, New Delhi
7. Dr. Rajeshwari Rajagopalan, Senior Fellow, ORF, New Delhi
8. Sh. Aditya Mishra, IPS, Inspector General, Border Security Force, BSF HQ, New Delhi
9. Sh. Rajesh Arya, IPS, Director Training, Department of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Institutional Partnerships
The students will have the opportunity to visit the following organizations for the purpose of training/dissertation/internships etc.
• Central Bureau of Investigation
• HCM Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration
• Rajasthan Police Academy
• Indian Institute of Public Administration
• Observer Research Foundation
• Indian Council of World Affairs
• National Law University (Delhi & Jodhpur)
• North Eastern Police Academy

Fee and other Expenses:
The MA program in International Relations and Conflict Studies is both global and South Asian in substance, and is reinforced by one week travel per semester for study, workshops, and seminars outside Jodhpur / Jaipur. Total fee of the program is estimated to be around 8 Lakh per student which will include their food, stay, books, travel and tuition costs. The University is contemplating collaborations with foreign universities and visits to the places/countries relevant to the program.

Career Opportunities:
The world is experiencing multiple conflicts involving politics, religious wars, terrorism, and social upheavals threatening our security and stability. This international environment creates a need for specialists who can provide advice to governments, humanitarian groups, and international organizations.
The MA program in International Relations and Conflict Studies is ideal for students seeking work with a governmental agency, an intergovernmental organization, an NGO, a think-tank or media houses. This program is also recommended to students planning to pursue a Ph.D.

Duration and Structure
The program is of two years duration, spread over four semesters.

Important Dates:
Dates regarding application form and competitive examination will be announced very soon.

• The course will begin only when the at least 10 candidates are found suitable for admission.
• All the information produced is true to the maximum extent possible but rights of final decisions regarding all matters related to SPUP admissions remain in the hand of SPUP Administration only.

Dr. Vinay Kaura
Assistant Professor
Ms. Surabhi Gupta
Assistant Professor
Smiley face Shri R K Arora
Professor : Department of “International Affairs and Security Studies” at SPUP, Jodhpur
Co-ordinator : Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
Drawing and disbursing officer: Centre of Road Safety
Officer on Special Duty : Global Centre for Counter Terrorism
Experience: Public Policy, Management & Border Security, Intelligence and Cyber Security
Highly experienced in Border Security, Counter Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism in BSF.
Commanding Officer of BSF in insurgency prone area of Kashmir, Indo-Pak border(LOC) and Naxal insurgency-affected areas .
An International Peacekeeper at UN Mission in Kosovo(2002-03)

Smiley face Dr. Vinay Kaura
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: International Affairs and Security Studies
Qualification: PhD in Political Science, M.A. in History and Political Science, P.G. Diploma in Journalism, UGC-NET in Political Science, International & Area Studies (All India first rank), Defence and Strategic Studies.
SET in Political Science
Area of Specialization: International Relations
Others: Regular Columnist on Foreign Affairs
  • Need For a New Foreign Policy Vision (7 January 2015, Deccan Herald)
  • Urgency of a Paradigm Shift (23 February 2015, Deccan Herald)
  • Strategic Triangle In Indo-Pacific (02 March 2015, Pioneer)
  • A Cohesive Vision for India (7 March 2015, Pakistan Today )
  • An Elusive Consensus (12 March 2015, Daily Times)
  • A New Era for Afghanistan (10 April 2015, Pioneer)
  • A New Opening for India (17 April 2015, Foreign Policy News)
  • Pakistan’s Knotty Challenges (18 April 2015, Daily Times)
  • Smiley face Ms. Surabhi Gupta
    Designation: Assistant Professor
    Department: International Affairs and Security Studies
    Qualification:B.A., University Topper, recipient of UGC PG Merit Scholarship for University Rank Holders (2009-2011), M.A.in Political Science, MPhil in South Asian Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Pursuing Phd, NET and SET
    Area of Specialization: Security and Intelligence Studies, South Asian Studies, Indian Government and Politics
    Others:Research Papers presented in national and international seminars, Papers published in research journals and also chapters published in various books related to security studies and international relations.