Anti Ragging

Ragging is a crime!!!

Ragging is strictly prohibited. Ragging is a cognizable offence under the law, at par with rape and other atrocities against women and ill treatment of persons belonging to the SC/ST. Anyone who indulges in this crime will be severely dealt with and an F.I.R will be lodged against the guilty as per Supreme Court of India and MHRD directives. At the time of registration, students and their parents have given and undertaking that he/she will not indulge in the unlawful activity of ragging.

We request all the students to be watchful and help the administration in all possible ways, to root out ragging in all its forms. For any emergency, please contact the following at:

Anti Ragging Committee Member's List

Mrs. Dimple Panwar Arya :   Convener
Dr. Abhishek Sharma:   Proctor
Dr. Bharat Singh:   Chief Warden
Mr. Vijay Singh:   Boys Warden
Ms. Surabhi Gupta:   Girls Warden
Co-Warden :   (Boys & Girls)