Vice Chancellor

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Dear Students

Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and criminal Justice, Jodhpur which started functioning in January, 2013, is about two years old. This is a pioneering University which aims to foster the creation of new knowledge in the domains of criminal justice, public safety, security and related areas and provides a forum for engagement between field practitioners and researchers for expending the horizons of knowledge and engendering innovations.

Being a new institution, it is natural that this University may not be comparable to the well-established Universities in terms of student body, faculty and infrastructure. However, the academic commitment, energy and enthusiasm of its faculty, students and staff make up for this in a large measure.

The University has started on its academic journey and it is in the process of instituting innovative programmes for the benefit of both students and serving professionals. The University provides students utmost possible support and guidance in maximising their potential to the fullest and it endeavours to connect classroom learning to the institutional and social engagements relevant to these disciplines.

I am sure the commitment and efforts of the University will lead to creating this institute as a Centre of Excellence in the coming years.

I look forward to welcoming the admission seekers with the hope that bright students will join the University family for a memorable journey of quality education and learning, I am sure that you will feel proud of being associated with us and make us equally proud of you with your academic excellence.

Dr. Bhupendra Singh, IPS
Vice Chancellor cum Pro-Vice-Chancellor